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Verse: 1
When I was a young man
My father said to me
You can be anything you want to be
All I wanted to do is play my guitar and sing
That was my dream
In a few years I moved out to LA
Joined a band and started to play
We got signed and had the fortune and the fame
In a few years it all went away

All I wanted to be
Was a song and dance man
Play my guitar and sing for all of my fans
What did I do to make you Fall out of love with me
All I wanted to do is play my guitar and sing
All I wanted to be is a Song and Dance Man

Was it the length of my hair
Was it the clothes that I wear
What was it I did to make you fall out of love with me

Dear friends,
I wrote this song as a tribute to one of my lost heroes Jani Lane. He was very special to me and he made me strive to be a better songwriter. I wrote this song from his perspective of his musical journey through life. I hope that you enjoy listening to the song and I thank you for taking the time to listen to my tribute to a fallen hero Jani Lane. Click the "Jani" link below to hear my song
Dyer Knight